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Effective Solutions for Brand Security

BrandWatch designs and manufactures security taggants and detection technologies used in Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection, as well as Liability and Warranty authentication efforts. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing our materials and devices ourselves.  Our solutions are used in a wide range of industries, protecting billions of dollars worth of goods and millions of documents every year.

BrandWatch Technologies provides a broad range of professional services focused on the following four areas of brand security:

Protection Multi-layered security technologies to protect brands, documents, products and packaging
Evaluation Integrating industry standards and regulatory compliance
Information Designing and implementing global IT systems capable of real-time threat communication
Enforcement Deploying immediate global threat response

Our brand security programs protect critical infrastructures in the agriculture, government, banking, defense, law enforcement, consumer products, transportation, medical and pharmaceutical industries.
We work closely with brand owners, manufacturers, label makers, printers, converters, packaging companies, and other organizations on developing brand security solutions that secure supply chains, reduce liability, detect counterfeits, implement track and trace, identify grey market diversion, and verify product recycle chains.