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While BrandWatch’s capability to fill orders for our clients has not been impacted, our response may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need assistance immediately, please call us at +1-503-285-3890, select option 3 and leave us a message. Along with our UK colleagues at Eluceda, we are working diligently to develop a COVID-19 screening providing results in under 20 minutes. Click here for more.


Credentials / ID Cards

Security specialists have utilized many different overt methods of personal identification to ensure that restricted areas and sensitive locations, including corporate offices, airport baggage handling areas, laboratories and banks, remain privy only to to authorized personnel. The challenge for identification solutions is that anything that can be seen by a criminal can often duplicated through clever forgery.

To be truly effective, security specialists must rely on both overt and covert methods to ensure proper identification.

Layered Security Solutions

In addition to having a physical presence of security staff to verify identities and protect access to important locations, there are a variety of technology solutions that can help them to more effectively do their jobs and reduce the potential of fraudulent access. BrandWatch Technologies strengthens personal credentials and identification cards by incorporating multiple layers of covert and overt security such as holograms, specialty inks, mag stripes, signature panels, watermarks, bar codes and tamper evident seals. BrandWatch also offers proprietary detection technology that delivers an instant reading to authenticate the card and/or documentation.  The combination of these technologies helps to ensure identity and prevent counterfeiting. Layered solutions combing overt and covert BrandWatch Technologies provide the highest level of security available.