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While BrandWatch’s capability to fill orders for our clients has not been impacted, our response may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need assistance immediately, please call us at +1-503-285-3890, select option 3 and leave us a message. Along with our UK colleagues at Eluceda, we are working diligently to develop a COVID-19 screening providing results in under 20 minutes. Click here for more.



BrandWatch is a solutions provider. Use the column to the left to address specific challenges. BrandWatch provides brand protection technologies and services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), packaging and converters, label and print makers, as well as directly to organizations and government agencies. These services protect critical infrastructures such as agriculture, government, banking, defense, law enforcement, consumer products, transportation, and public health.

Liability Reduction

Liability Reduction »

The United States has a new lawsuit every two seconds. Counterfeiting affects all consumer products and creates tremendous liability to true brand owners in the form of potential lawsuits, brand name reputation concerns, costly recalls, insurance premium changes and false claims.
Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims »

BrandWatch Technologies has authentication solutions that can go directly into paper documents, packaging materials, plastics, physical products during manufacturing, security inks or coatings layers. We help both retailers and manufacturers authenticate warranty documents, receipts, gift certificates, titles, licenses, authenticity certificates, products and more.
Counterfeit Detection

Counterfeit Detection »

In a global market, counterfeiting is growing at an alarming rate. Imitations of consumer goods, as well as forgeries of currency and documents are a wide-spread problem. Replication has become so sophisticated that without proper verification tools brand owners cannot distinguish genuine from fake items. We can provide you with quick proof if a product is authentic or not. Get the tools you need to discreetly detect real goods.
Track and Trace

Track and Trace »

Prevent supply network fraud. Be able to successfully verify your products throughout the distribution network. BrandWatch has solutions for you to find compromised items as they pass through different handlers.
Grey Market/Diversion

Grey Market/Diversion »

Genuine products on the grey market are sold alongside counterfeit items by diverters who care little about quality control or whether a product is legitimate or not. BrandWatch's brand protection programs help to reduce the possibility that brand owners' products end up on this unauthorized and unintended supply chain.
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management »

For shippers and their customers, there exist broad responsibilities and security principles that apply throughout the life cycle of a shipment of goods. These responsibilities apply equally to times before, during and after having custody of the goods. Security seals are an integral part of the chain of custody, and a comprehensive brand protection program. Read more about IS0 28000...
Enhanced Packaging Solutions

Enhanced Packaging Solutions »

BrandWatch provides innovative overt, covert and forensic packaging solutions that enhance the customer experience and protect brand owners by guaranteeing product authenticity at the point of sale and throughout its life in the market.
Retail Loss Prevention

Retail Loss Prevention »

Retailers are constantly working to maximize their profits while reducing losses. BrandWatch has cost effective product security solutions that can help to reduce fraud and theft when educating employees and managers isn't enough.
Credentials / ID Cards

Credentials / ID Cards »

BrandWatch Technologies strengthens personal credentials and identification cards by incorporating multiple layers of security such as holograms, specialty inks, watermarks, bar codes and tamper evident seals. The combination of technologies helps to ensure identity and prevent counterfeiting.
Document Security

Document Security »

BrandWatch document security solutions protect valued documents such as passports, visas, driver's licenses, and other forms of identification. At fractions of a penny per document, our covert solutions are affordable and range from simple yes/no detection to unique "fingerprints" of taggants and even DNA.
Recycle Chain Verification

Recycle Chain Verification »

With BrandWatch brand protection solutions, brand owners can guarantee that what is being recycled is the same item that was sold, securing the quality of your recycled material.