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Brand Protection and Product Authentication

Fully protecting a brand, documents, products and packaging requires a proactive approach that is supported by layered and mixable security features and indicators. BrandWatch can provide help customers implement proactive security solutions that will help them stay ahead of counterfeiters. The level and type of protection must fit the overall manufacturing process, and must take into consideration the cost of security compared with value of the product being protected. Companies must plan for overt, covert and forensic capabilities, while all security technologies should link to information systems, meet enforcement guidelines and be monitored for counterfeited versions of the technology.

Technology is a critical component of brand protection, and during the last 10 years, BrandWatch has worked closely with brand owners to incorporate our brand security technology directly into their products, packaging or labels. We produce our own line of secure in-house products providing an array of covert and overt brand protection and product authentication options. BrandWatch’s technology can be embedded in or printed on practically any substrate, and these versatile microscopic markers add discreet security layers that are invisible to consumers and are food contact safe.

Successfully enhancing and protecting your brand, documents, products and packaging requires layered security features. Among the many security options available are the following:

TypeTechnologyThreat Addressed
Covert IR taggants, microtext, packaging design featuers Counterfeiting Diversion, Grey Market
Overt Holograms, OVDs, intaglio ink, copy prevention Counterfeiting
Coding (Track & Trace) 2D data matrix, IR/UID encrypted bar codes, human readable codes, RFID Diversion, Grey Market
Forensic (Court admissible, Evidentiary) DNA, elements, nano-particles Counterfeiting, Diversion, Grey Market

In addition to our own proprietary technology, we also aggregate and consolidate the best products and services from our industry-leading partners, providing companies with a single point of contact for a comprehensive brand management program. Brand protection technology must be capable of linking with global IT systems and monitored by enforcement personnel. BrandWatch works with brand owners to ensure that everyone within the supply chain can authenticate and verify the item at any point during its life cycle. This includes everyone from suppliers, product assembly, transportation, storage and distribution centers, to retailers and enforcement officials, and end users.