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BrandWatch Releases SpectraTagg™ to Offer Four Layers of Protection

PORTLAND, OR, March 1, 2009 – BrandWatch™ Technologies, an innovative global leader in brand security solutions, has announced that its new SpectraTagg™ markers offer four distinct layers of protection to brand owners.

“Brand owners are seeking better ways to protect their investments,” said Phil Huff, BrandWatch CEO. “Each year, billions of dollars are lost to criminals who create knock-offs of popular brands. This new product will help reduce that.”

SpectraTagg™ is the first microscopic brand protective marker that combines multiple layers of security through proprietary chemistry, making it extremely difficult for criminals to circumvent.  Even if a counterfeiter has the ability to detect one layer of security, the unique formulation of the marker allow BrandWatch detection devices to differentiate more subtle layers embedded into the SpectraTagg™ itself.

“Brand owner’s intent on determining exactly which products are genuine and which are counterfeit will want to learn more about this product,” said Huff. “This is one of the most secure technologies for brand protection available on the market.”

BrandWatch puts the power back into the hands of the brand owners at a time when sophisticated copies of legitimate, branded products have become more common.  In today’s world, counterfeits can appear to be of high quality while at the same time unauthorized labeling and packaging have become more readily available to reproduce.  The negative effects of counterfeiting include patent and trademark infringement, loss of sales, taxes and jobs which create economic damage to both business and government.  With improper testing of unregulated substances, counterfeited goods can harm the health of consumers and endangered the environment.
With the challenges of today’s global economy, BrandWatch helps businesses monitor their product’s life cycle; helping them cut costs, steam line production and control product reputation.
For more information about SpectraTagg™ contact the company at +1 (503) 285-3890.

About BrandWatch Technologies

Founded in 2001, BrandWatch Technologies is a global leader in brand security solutions that engineers and manufactures covert microscopic markers and detectors. The markers can be easily embedded during manufacturing or packaging without visibly altering characteristics of the original product. BrandWatch detectors enable instant in-field authentication at any time during the product life cycle. The company’s solutions significantly reduce liability, detect counterfeits, streamline track and trace, identify grey market diversion and verify product recycle chains at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

Learn more at http://www.brandwatchtech.com

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