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Powerful New Detector Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

PORTLAND, July 12, 2008 – BrandWatch™ Technologies, a leading manufacturer of security markers and detectors, today announced the release of its new Reveal™ Detector.  The pocket-sized device is the company’s newest and most innovative electronic offering in the ongoing fight against piracy and counterfeiting.

“We designed this device around our customer’s needs. It’s a compact detector that is powerful enough to sense trace amounts of our security markers in their product and packaging. The pocket-size Reveal™ is extremely portable.  The detector is capable of validating tagged products anytime along the supply chain, from the factory to the retail outlet.  It identifies product diversion and confirms counterfeits discreetly.  If an item has been compromised at any point, the detector allows for quick confirmation” said Phil Huff, BrandWatch CEO.  “It is a powerful tool.”

The Reveal™ is designed to detect the presence of BrandWatch security markers embedded as a security layer in products and their packaging from wide range of industries.  Versatile applications include pharmaceutical products, luxury goods, wines and spirits, consumable products, electronics, genuine parts or printed items such as tickets and other controlled documents.

BrandWatch develops and assembles the Reveal™ in its manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon and maintains a strict chain of custody with their clients.  They have the ability to customize the detectors to fit the client’s needs.

The new BrandWatch Reveal™ detectors are extremely competitive, at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

“The Reveal™ is getting a great reception from our customers all over the world, especially those who covertly validate their products in the field.  Agents require a device that fits into their pocket and the Reveal™ gives them just that.” said Huff.  “BrandWatch takes pride in its strict chain of custody and provides companies with confidence in a name they can trust.”

About BrandWatch Technologies

Founded in 2001, BrandWatch Technologies is a global leader in brand security solutions that engineers and manufactures covert microscopic markers and detectors. The markers can be easily embedded during manufacturing or packaging without visibly altering characteristics of the original product. BrandWatch detectors enable instant in-field authentication at any time during the product life cycle. The company’s solutions significantly reduce liability, detect counterfeits, streamline track and trace, identify grey market diversion and verify product recycle chains at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

Learn more at http://www.brandwatchtech.com

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