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While BrandWatch’s capability to fill orders for our clients has not been impacted, our response may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need assistance immediately, please call us at +1-503-285-3890, select option 3 and leave us a message. Along with our UK colleagues at Eluceda, we are working diligently to develop a COVID-19 screening providing results in under 20 minutes. Click here for more.


Packaging & Converting Intelligence: It’s a Knock-Out


It’s a Knock-Out

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving, but when it comes to protecting the integrity of your brand, appearances make all the difference. Brand managers may spend a lifetime polishing their brands, only to see them tarnished by cheap knock-offs that create liability and impact brand loyalty.

BrandWatch Technologies understands that you want to spend less of your time protecting your brand and more time developing and improving your products. Companies are turning to their packaging, labelling and converting partners to assist them in taking back their brand. BrandWatch works efficiently with brand owners, labelling, packaging and converting companies. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into current labelling and converting systems without visibly altering package characteristics. These solutions reduce liability, detect counterfeits, prevent grey market diversion, streamline track and trace, and verify product recycle chains at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.

We engineer and produce our own line of innovative detectors and microscopic markers. Hidden in inks, coatings, plastics, adhesives or paper our solutions create a cost effective, versatile security layer that is safe enough for food contact. Your product or packaging can be instantly authenticated using our next generation Reveal detector at any time in the product lifecycle. This handheld detector allows for discreet verification due to its size and portability.

Our technologies are innovative and our methods are discreet and easy to use, but that’s not even the best part: our customer satisfaction rating is superior because we maintain strict confidentiality throughout the entire chain of custody while upholding the highest level of quality control. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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To link to our product showcase: PCI Autumn 2009

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