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BrandWatch Technologies receives $3.3 million in funding

BrandWatch Technologies receives $3.3 million in funding, opens Cincinnati and Washington D.C. offices

Portland, Oregon; October 21, 2011 – BrandWatch Technologies has just received $3.3 million in funding from both new and previous investors to expand sales into new markets and support new product development. The company develops taggants (microscopic particles) with unique DNA markers that businesses and governments use to track products and high-security documents. BrandWatch also makes proprietary detection devices to “read” these taggants (which are invisible to the naked eye) so counterfeits can be identified. The taggants can be used in inks, plastics, textiles and other materials and can be manufactured to identify specific companies, products, or even lots in a supply chain.

Companies use BrandWatch products to identify fakes or stolen property in categories as diverse as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, electronics, aircraft and automobile parts, wine and spirits, gaming, and fashion. Taggants can be used in packaging or products.

The new offices in Cincinnati and Washington D.C. will make it easier for the company’s expanding sales force to serve midwest and east coast clients. Neil Ivey, who has over 10 years experience in security taggants for high-risk industries and government applications, recently joined BrandWatch as vice president of sales to lead the Washington D.C. office.

BrandWatch will continue to manufacture taggants and detection devices (handheld and machine-mounted) at its facility in Portland. BrandWatch will release a new industry standard for security taggants later this year, along with a new hand-held device to read those. This will enable customers to assign and read taggants with more specificity than is possible with current technologies in the marketplace.

“The infusion of capital is a big vote of confidence for BrandWatch’s new technologies and will help us expand our global reach,” said Phil Huff, CEO of BrandWatch.  “Companies around the world are already using our products to protect their assets and reputations, but nobody has what we’re about to launch.”

About BrandWatch Technologies
Since 2001, BrandWatch has been helping businesses and governments around the world detect counterfeits, secure supply chains, reduce product liability, identify grey market diversions, and verify products for proper recycling. A full list of use cases for BrandWatch products is listed on its website along with sales contact information. Corporate headquarters and manufacturing are located at 5921 N. Marine Drive, Portland, Oregon, USA; phone: 503-285-3890.

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