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BrandWatch Technologies Fights Counterfeit Documents with New Security Solutions

BrandWatch Technologies, a global leader in brand security and product authentication solutions, has added new layered document security products to its suite of solutions, including specialty inks, and new printing and embedding technologies that will help prevent counterfeit documents and enhance document authentication. The new products are supported by BrandWatch professional services, which guide organizations through the process of selecting, evaluating and integrating solutions that meet industry standards and regulatory compliance. BrandWatch designs for implementation, custom systems and procedures that enforce brand protection and document security.

“In today’s shrinking global marketplace, organizations need to be increasingly vigilant in protecting the integrity of their documents, from bank notes and identification cards to passports,” said Phil Huff, president and chief executive officer of BrandWatch Technologies. “Today’s counterfeiters are using modern technology to create sophisticated fake documents, which makes it critical that organizations use combinations of covert, overt, forensic, track and trace solutions to maintain document control and guarantee document authentication. A single security layer is no longer enough. We have enhanced our suite of document security solutions with proprietary technologies and additional partnerships with other leading organizations, to create a single point of contact for a comprehensive document security program.”

Among BrandWatch Technologies many covert and overt document security solutions are:
• Specialty inks and optically variable inks that change color depending on the angle a document is being viewed;
• Intaglio printing, which adds raised layers of ink on one side of a document and an indentation on the other during the printing process;
• Security threads that can be invisible to the human eye or contain unique colors or patterns;
• Digital watermarking, which is embedded into the paper during the printing process;
• Pantograph technology that embeds hidden words, logos or designs into paper;
• Embedded graphic technology on documents that makes it impossible to reproduce protected documents on digital color copiers or scanners; and
• Proprietary security taggants that can only be authenticated with the aid of specialized BrandWatch detectors.

BrandWatch announced today that it has become a member of the Document Security Alliance, joining representatives from government agencies, private industry and educational institutions to combat counterfeit documents. The DSA is a not-for-profit organization created in the months following 9/11. Its mission is to enhance national economic, personal and homeland security documents and procedures, which combat fraud, terrorism, identity theft and other illegal acts of document fraud.

Huff added, “We look forward to working with the DSA and its members in identifying and developing methods to improve document security.”

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