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BrandWatch Technologies announces DNA solution used in Pharmaceutical Packaging

BrandWatch Technologies, which develops and manufactures microscopic particles (taggants) and detection devices at its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, is providing its DNA solution to protect Pharmaceuticals for one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies.

Portland, Oregon, November 27, 2012

BrandWatch Technologies’ DNA solution has recently been adopted by one of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies, and is being introduced along with BrandWatch Technologies infrared (IR) taggant to provide forensic protection to pharmaceutical packaging.  BrandWatch’s DNA solution and taggant is currently integrated into the packaging, although it is possible to integrate BrandWatch solutions into the pharmaceutical itself.  For security reasons, BrandWatch does not disclose client names.

The BrandWatch synthetic DNA is true deoxyribonucleic acid, and when compared to botanical DNA, synthetic DNA has several advantages in anti-counterfeit and diversion applications.  By using short as opposed to long strands, the covert DNA signatures can encode significantly more target information that can be retrieved in a standard lab test.  This allows for validation of many specific aspects of the process (e.g., manufacture date, lot number, production site, contract number, etc.).

The DNA system used by BrandWatch can efficiently make thousands of highly differentiable DNA taggants and can identify individual DNA codes in a pooled sample of different DNA taggants.  This can be done at a fraction of the cost of longer botanical DNA, and allow for the periodic introduction of new DNA strands to keep ahead of the counterfeiters.

The potential to replicate any DNA is very low.  The synthetic DNA can only be detected after laboratory preparation, and prior knowledge is required for this preparation to occur. Moreover, several sequences are used in the formation a single synthetic DNA code, thus one could not reproduce the code without the knowledge of the composition of several sequences.

A significant advantage of BrandWatch’s DNA offering is that BrandWatch manufactures the carrier taggant and blends the DNA in-house, in Portland, Oregon, as opposed to competitive solutions that rely on outside sources to purchase the carrier taggant, predominantly manufactured in China.  Following ISO 28000 guidelines, BrandWatch observes a strict chain of custody process that accounts for the distribution and use of BrandWatch materials.

About BrandWatch Technologies

BrandWatch Technologies is a global leader in brand security and document authentication solutions, offering advanced overt and covert technologies for in-field verification, product fingerprinting, and forensic investigation. Their cutting edge technologies, professional services, and enforcement strategies have protected global brands for over a decade. BrandWatch Technologies has offices in Portland, Cincinnati, Washington, DC, and New York City. Find out more at http://www.brandwatchtech.com.

BrandWatch Technologies http://www.brandwatchtech.com.  Contact Info: Neil Ivey .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 

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