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Automotive Parts Manufacturers and Consumers Now in Driver’s Seat with New Brand Protection

BrandWatch Wins SMART-O’s Business for Proactive Product Authentication in Supply Chain; Helps Ease International Distribution


  * Numerous reports about consumers at risk from bogus auto parts
  * China expected to produce $45 billion worth of counterfeit auto parts in 2011
  * SMART-O packaging provides court-admissible proof, reduces legal risk

PORTLAND, Ore.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Portland-based BrandWatch Technologies, an innovative brand protection company, announced a contract to provide SMART-O™ Automotive Solutions with a sophisticated set of protection and marketing tools that greatly reduces SMART-O’s product liability, warranty and counterfeit product threats.

SMART-O will use the BrandWatch Technologies solutions in both their products and packaging as a preemptive measure to protect the brand and patent assets, while protecting consumers from inferior counterfeit products.

“Lives are at risk when people install shoddy counterfeit auto parts on their cars,” said Randall Harvey, CMO of SMART-O. “BrandWatch Technologies gives SMART-O an edge in brand and patent protection over our competitors and consumers get the quality and performance they expect.”

According to Automotive News China, China’s illegal auto parts trade is expected to produce $45 billion worth of counterfeit parts in 2011 and is responsible for 83 percent of the world’s counterfeit parts.

“BrandWatch is helping SMART-O lower risk in a number of ways: risks associated with warranty and liability claims caused by faulty counterfeit materials; reputational risk caused by inferior counterfeit products; and overall protection of revenue for SMART-O distributors,” said Steve Delepine, vice president, Business Development at BrandWatch Technologies.

According to SMART-O, BrandWatch Technologies facilitates implementation of an aggressive and effective Intellectual Property Rights protection and brand enforcement strategy in partnership with the international, specialist IP law firm, Rouse.

BrandWatch Technologies is providing SMART-O with a multi-layered brand protection solution that includes track and trace, overt, covert and forensic technology (see below for more detailed product information).

With this agreement, SMART-O will have authentication capabilities in markets such as North America, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and South America. SMART-O end-users, distributors and Original Equipment customers can use a camera phone to verify the authenticity of products by cross-referencing a unique product code with a secure database. SMART-O leverages the BrandWatch Technology solution to prompt users to scan QR-coded security tags which link them to the brand website where they can directly verify product authenticity and engage in further online and social media interaction with the brand. Furthermore, the online interaction enables geographical tracking to spot grey market diversion and to invoke selective product recall, if necessary.

What Is Multi-Layered Brand Protection?

Multi-layered brand protection includes a combination of elements such as industry and regulatory compliance, information technology systems and enforcement mechanisms. Layers include overt, covert, forensic and tracking measures for authentication.

  * Overt technologies can be seen and include bar codes, specialty inks, holograms, watermarks, and tamper-evident film.
  * Covert technologies are solutions that are not visible to the human eye. These may include taggants, specialty inks and forensic markers that are integrated into the packaging or product and can only be read with proprietary readers/detectors or through laboratory analysis.
  * Track and trace systems are unique product identification solutions that can be applied overtly and/or covertly to individual products, cases, pallets or shipping containers. The unique markers can be scanned at any point in the supply chain. Information is then uploaded to secure data management systems. Brand owners, enforcement teams and consumers can access this information to track and authenticate their products at any point in the supply chain.

About BrandWatch Technologies

Established in 2001, BrandWatch Technologies is a global leader in brand security and product authentication solutions. The company’s brand security programs protect critical infrastructures such as agriculture, government, banking, defense, law enforcement, consumer products, transportation and public health. BrandWatch Technologies focuses on securing supply chains, reducing liability, detecting counterfeits, implementing track and trace, identifying grey market diversion, and verifying product recycle chains. For more information, call Steve Delepine 503-285-3890 or visit the company’s website at http://brandwatchtech.com.


SMART-O automotive solutions stand for an innovative range of high-end auto aftermarket products, geared towards performance and protection: SMART-O plug – the intelligent oil drain plug, engineered to reduce the risk of engine damage, oil pan damage and pollution through oil loss from a vehicle. SMART-O wiper blade refills provide increased performance in extreme climates, product life, and waste reduction. SMART-O surface solutions – made in Germany – offer powerful cleaning, polishing and paint protection. To learn more, please go to: http://www.smart-o-plug.com.

About Rouse

Established in 1990, with a team of over 500 people (including lawyers, patent and trade mark attorneys and specialist IP investigators), with offices throughout Asia. Voted MIP ‘China Foreign Firm of the Year’ and China Law & Practice ‘IP Firm of the Year’. Contact: Jin Ling, Executive, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address); http://www.iprights.com
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