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Fighting More Than Fakes

A BrandWatch customer intent on brand security and stopping the flow of illegal, counterfeit products produced by criminals under its imprint, learns that the same tools the company is using to fight fake products can also be used to secure a wide array of additional benefits.

The challenge

The owner of a successful brand of consumer apparel products was already utilizing BrandWatch brand security taggant as a covert identifier built into the labels used on the brand. The taggant was supplied by BrandWatch with a carefully protected Chain-of-Custody, but it was embedded by the label printer, a BrandWatch partner and brand security expert. Because the taggant was embedded in a layer beneath the label’s coating, it was both covert and impossible to remove without destroying the label.

While the solution was working well, the company wanted to deepen its relationship with its brand security expert and also wanted to further capitalize on the investment it was making in brand security taggant. Were there other ways to make these tools work for the brand owner?

The solution

BrandWatch prefers to partner with existing brand security experts, like the label printer, over working directly with brand owners. This approach has allowed BrandWatch to educate its partners to the many ways taggant can be used. The label printer already knew that BrandWatch taggant can be integrated easily into several substrates in the print industry. It can also be layered over other brand security technologies for an additional covert layer of security.

He also knew that anti-counterfeiting was only one use of these covert security tools. In partnership with the brand security specialist, BrandWatch delivered a seminar to the brand owner detailing additional uses for the taggant that was already being specially formulated for the brand.

The results

BrandWatch brand security taggants can do much more than just identify counterfeit product.
After learning that BrandWatch taggants can also be used to help brand owners deal with Track and Trace, retail loss prevention, stolen goods and cargo, liability issues, factory overruns, asset management, breach of contracts, unauthorized re-labeling, quality control, supply network fraud, as well as warranty and returns, the company expanded its relationship with both BrandWatch and the brand security expert.

BrandWatch is the world’s leading manufacturer of cost effective, reliable brand security taggants. In addition to the company’s MicroTagg line, BrandWatch recently released its SpectraTagg product, a unique formulation that yields four layers of security in a single taggant. BrandWatch brand security solutions offer state-of-the art security at an affordable cost.

Find out more

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