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Textiles may be as old as agrarian society, but they are also a hotbed of modern innovation. From military and space applications to performance sportswear and the clothing we wear every day, this multi-billion dollar industry is growing rapidly. Sportswear alone will generate over $250 billion in sales this year, and brand owners are intent on protecting their investments in this highly competitive market.

Weaving security into the fabric

The textile industry is experiencing rapid growth. New fibers and fabrics, as well as innovative new manufacturing techniques, are making it easier for companies to release new products to a market that is eager to buy. But innovation is expensive and brand owners operating here must take precautions that their new offerings are manufactured to correct specifications and protected from counterfeiters.

For example, flame retardant fabrics must be manufactured correctly to perform as advertised. Brand owners must have a method for insuring that tolerances are being met. By using our brand security technologies in a fixed formulation as part of one of the product’s components, such as the flame retardant coating, brand owners have the ability to spot check product coming from different manufacturing facilities to ensure that the right amounts of key additives are being used in the final product.

Giving strength to the fiber

New technologies are providing fibers that are stronger and more versatile than ever before, but by adding our security technologies to the dye or coating, the fiber also becomes strong enough to protect the brand from counterfeiters.

Find out more about brand security with taggant-infused textiles

Our brand security technologies are the most affordable method of securing these brands because they work well at low dosages and can be easily combined with the material without the risk of changing its color or any of its other properties. To find out more about how BrandWatch Technologies can help you create products that are difficult or impossible to counterfeit, call us today.