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Security Labels

The label is no longer just the craftsman’s signature, it is now the enabler for most modern commerce. Product and pricing labels make it possible for retailers to track and price inventory, gather performance data and ultimately sell product. But the label is capable of much more than that. With the right processing it can be used to protect brands and guard against counterfeiters.

An opportunity to protect the brand

Today’s label printers can produce any kind of label imaginable. They work quickly and provide an affordable tool for brand owners and retailers. While many of these specialists were not originally in the business of brand security, their customers have pushed them into this arena. BrandWatch Technologies works with label printers all over the world, consulting with them on the best use of brand security solutions for the benefit of their clients.

Making labels a better brand security solution

By embedding brand security solutions in the substrate, the ink or the coating of the security label, brand owners can easily detect all genuine versions of their products. Since the security layers are not visible to the naked eye, this security solution is completely covert. Criminals won’t even know they have to circumvent it, until they are caught.

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