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The polymer is perhaps one of the most beneficial materials modern chemistry has provided us. While most people mean plastic when they talk about polymers, this class of material also includes silicone and proteins and some natural polymer materials, such as shellac, amber and cellulose, the main constituent of paper. Chemists have created a number of interesting and useful polymers, including neoprene, nylon, PVC, and polystyrene.

Countless products are created using these polymers. They are generally affordable and easy to secure in large quantities. While this makes them attractive to manufacturers, they offer no brand security value.

Making polymers tools for brand security

But what if the material used to create a product could also be used to ensure its validity as a genuine version? Our brand security solutions can be infused into any polymer and can be identified even at very low dosage levels. Our solutions do not affect the polymer in any way and will not change its properties. They are microscopic and can not be seen with the naked eye, but are effective deterrents to counterfeiters who generally aren’t even aware that they exist in the product.

Find out more about brand security with taggant-infused polymers

Our brand security technologies are the most affordable method of securing polymer-based products because they work well at low dosages and can be combined easily with the material without the risk of changing any of its properties. To find out more about how BrandWatch Technologies can help you create products that are difficult or impossible to counterfeit, call us today.