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Paper is far more than a material to write on. There are thousands of uses for paper and it has given rise to one of the world’s largest industries. We wrap nearly every kind of product in it and all of our services are ordered with it and many are delivered with a paper receipt. There is not a more pervasive packaging material in our society than paper. Paper and paperboard are used by the multi-billion dollar converting industry to provide packaging for all manner of products.

Using paper for brand security

But paper can do more than just present a product for sale. It can also provide a method of authenticating that the transaction is approved, that the documents are authentic or that the product is genuine. While there are many brand security technologies that have been adapted to paper, most are overt and have been well studied by criminals. But there are covert methods of brand security that can be used on paper, the ink used to mark it or the coatings applied to it that can foil counterfeiters.

Find out more about making paper more effective for brand security

Our engineers have perfected multiple methods for securing a brand combining our brand security technology and paper, with or without ink. Find out how versatile paper can be and how it can become a powerful addition to your brand security program by contacting us today.