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Paint has long been a standard tool for brand development. Consumers recognize many brands just on the basis of the colors they use on their equipment and real estate. John Deere is green, Catepillar is yellow and Big Brown is UPS. Some brand owners have gone so far as to protect the formulation of the paints they use so they are more difficult to duplicate.

While paint can be used to help establish a brand and it offers some protection against the environment, it cannot be considered a brand security tool.

Making paint more secure

But paint could be used as part of an effective brand security program. What if one area on a painted product could be used to guarantee that the product was not only the right color, but was also a genuine article? Our brand security solutions can be supplied in powder form that can be easily mixed into paints at very low concentrations. These products will not change the nature of the paint in any way, but will be visible with a detector.

Find out more about brand security with taggant-infused paint

Combining covert security with the protective and brand supporting capabilities offered by paint can form the basis of an effective security program if the chain of custody of the brand security solution is properly maintained. If you’re brand is already dependent on the use of a particular color of paint but you need some form of brand security as well, contact us.