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Packaging and Converting

The packaging and converting industry has an incredible opportunity in brand security. While some brand owners will be reluctant to change their product formulations, they are likely to call upon their product packaging specialists for a brand security solution. BrandWatch supports companies in this space, allowing them to easily add brand security solutions to their offerings.

Packaging products for sale and security

Overt methods of brand security are no longer effective, especially when used as part of a product’s packaging, where they can easily be removed and reused or duplicated. BrandWatch Technologies detectors can identify our distinct brand security solutions embedded covertly in the packaging, the tag or on the carton. There are many ways the technology can be deployed, all of which are impossible to detect without our proprietary detectors, making them very difficult to circumvent.

Making the packaging a tool for brand security

A product’s packaging can be much more than a delivery vehicle. It can actually be a tool to keep a brand safe and ensure that the product is genuine.