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Manufacturing Products

Emerging economies are ramping up their manufacturing capabilities. While they cannot rival larger nations when it comes to engineering innovation, some of the companies competing in these developing nations have become expert at reverse engineering, threatening the brand owners that have developed the world’s leading products. While much can be done after the product has been manufactured to protect it in the marketplace, the right place to start is often during the manufacturing process itself.

There are many opportunities to counteract brand hijackers while products are being manufactured. Often, it’s not the product itself that contains the protective layers of security; rather it is built into the container or packaging. Our consultants can provide a number of solutions to fit any budget. We have experience with a wide range of products and can point to past successes that can be repeated by new clients.

Making everything we make more secure

Our brand security technologies are affordable and do not alter the chemical makeup of anything it is added to. As a result, we can protect a wide range of consumer products. Our brand protection solutions can be delivered in a powder or a slurry, making it easy to mix into batches for polymers and extruded plastics. It can also be mixed into coatings to be applied to nearly any product.

Find out more about securing your brands

We offer affordable method of securing brands that works well in small dosages and can be combined easily with almost any material without the risk of changing any of your products’ properties. To find out more about how BrandWatch Technologies can help you create products that are difficult or impossible to counterfeit, call us today.