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Ink is one of the oldest brand security methods and has been used in one form or another to authenticate documents, currencies and manufactured goods for centuries. Brand security specialists have used printing techniques (microtext, guilloche patterns, printer’s marks) or the ink itself (with magnetic inks, optically-variable inks, thermo-chromatic, etc.) to provide a reliable method of authentication.

The downfall for most of these methods is that they are overt and can be seen with the naked eye or easily identified with rudimentary tools. This alerts criminals to their presence and allows them to study and eventually circumvent them.

Making ink more secure

Counterfeiters often employ skilled artists to re-create the marks used by brand owners. Inks are readily accessible and even color-changing or magnetic inks can be secured in the marketplace. If the criminal can see the mark, it can be recreated. The way to make ink more powerful is to include something the criminal cannot see. BrandWatch designs and manufactures our taggant solutions to work with specific printing techniques, as flexo, litho, gravure, intaglio, inkjet and digital can all have different size and specific gravity requirements. These products will not change the nature of the ink in any way, and can be added to clear or colored ink.

Find out more about brand security with taggant-infused ink

Combining the covert security of the up-converting phosphor taggant with the identification capabilities offered by ink can form the basis of an effective security program if the chain of custody of the brand security solution is properly maintained. If you’re already using some form of printing to protect your brand, contact us to find out how to make your methods more effective.