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Coatings provide a layer of protection to countless products. They are often used to enhance the packaging used to deliver these items and can be used to turn paper and paperboard into a delivery mechanism for liquids and food. But they can do so much more than that.

Can a coating be used for brand security?

If it includes the right additives, a coating can be a very effective tool for brand security. Brand security taggant in powdered form can be easily added to coatings and can be detected at very low dosages, making them an affordable method of brand authentication.

Find out more about brand security with taggant-infused coatings

Combining the covert security of the up-converting phosphor taggant with the protective and brand supporting capabilities offered by industrial coatings can form the basis of an effective security program if the chain of custody of the brand security taggant is properly maintained. Read more about how a BrandWatch brand security taggant stopped criminals in the tobacco industry.