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Chemical adhesives are in use almost everywhere. They are used in the manufacturing or assembly of almost all consumer products as well as in the building materials we use. They make stamps stick to envelopes and labels mark our products, but can they be a tool to protect these products from counterfeiters? Of the methods available to brand security specialists, only brand security taggants can be infused into an adhesive in a totally covert manner.

A brand security method that sticks

There are a number of ways to use labels to provide brand security, but most of them are overt, using inks and printing to make a distinguishable mark. A better method is to hide the authentication method by infusing it into the substrate the label is printed on or the adhesive used to make it adhere to the product. Covert methods of brand security are more effective because criminals are often not even aware that they exist.

Find out more about brand security with taggant-infused adhesives

Adding our brand security technology to an adhesive is a very cost effective method of product authentication as the solution can be identified even when the dosage is very low. To find out more about how BrandWatch Technologies can provide an extremely cost effective brand security program, contact us today.