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While BrandWatch’s capability to fill orders for our clients has not been impacted, our response may be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need assistance immediately, please call us at +1-503-285-3890, select option 3 and leave us a message. Along with our UK colleagues at Eluceda, we are working diligently to develop a COVID-19 screening providing results in under 20 minutes. Click here for more.


About Us

BrandWatch Technologies is based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.  Our highly dedicated team is committed to delivering supply chain security solutions that fight counterfeiting and preserve brands all over the world. While our security products are second to none, our people are the key to our success.  They’re at the heart of every customer and vendor relationship we maintain.

BrandWatch Technologies Core Values:

People - It takes more than talented people to make a great company. It takes people with directed passion. A scientist can create a product that can be used for brand security, but it takes a team of scientists, all passionate about providing an offering that is impossible to circumvent, to create an industry-leading solution. The same can be said about the success of every department within a company. Our recruitment and hiring practices are built on this core value and a visit with anyone on our team with show you the excellent results it offers.

Consistency - An effective brand security solution becomes a standard for that brand and is executed the same way each and every time. Providers of brand security solutions must be able to deliver the exact same product every time if they hope to be most effective for brand owners. In the case of brand security taggants, the formulation must be exactly the same, produced in the same way and delivered with a complete chain-of-custody in order to be effective.

Innovation - Criminals will never stop trying to circumvent the security of the world’s most lucrative brands. The potential rewards are simply too high. So brand security specialists must never stop working to create ever more ingenious brand security solutions. We realize this and have built our company on this core value, providing brand security specialists with the best information and products available even as we work hard to develop those products that are almost available. Find out what we’re working on now by calling us today.

Integrity - Reputation is important in any industry, when it comes to brand security, it’s critical. Purchasers should always ask for references and should perform due diligence on anyone that supports their brand security program in any way. We look forward to requests for information and offer up our references to any potential partner who is serious about working with the very best team in the industry.

Service - Service is an often used metric for corporate success, but few know how to accurately measure it. We measure our service levels by the success of our clients. We strive to make it effortless to work with our team without compromising the high standards that make our methods effective. Our partners, clients and their clients will attest to our success in this area.

Find out why you should be working with BrandWatch

In an industry where it is many times difficult to tell the good from the bad, BrandWatch strives to be the company that other companies most want to work with. Contact us today, and we think you’ll understand why.